Travel for LiFE

Ministry of Tourism has launched ‘Travel for LiFE’ program under Mission LiFE to bring large-scale behavioural change amongst tourists and tourism businesses, significantly impacting environmental protection and climate action.

Mission LiFE (Lifestyle for Environment), envisioned by Hon'ble Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi is a global mass movement led by India urging individuals and communities to act for the protection of the environment against the effects of climate change.

A Program for Tourism Sector under Mission LiFE

'Travel for LiFE' initiative has been launched by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India to mainstream sustainability in the tourism sector. The NIDHI+ platform shall facilitate certification and implementation of Sustainable Tourism for Accomodation Units, Tourism service providers, Destinations and Attractions. 


Applicability of Travel for LiFE Certification:


'Travel for LiFE' Certification has been launched for Accommodation Units, Tourism service providers and Destinations on NIDHI Plus Portal. The business units can register for NIDHI registration and then apply for Travel for LiFE certification. The Portal also enables the units to apply for showcasing.


Process for 'Travel for LiFE' Certification:

Benefits of applying for 'Travel for LiFE' Certification on NIDHI Plus Portal:

Based on the scoring and successful completion of the assessment, the business units would be certified into three categories, namely Gold, Silver and Bronze and listed on NIDHI Plus Portal.

The business units shall receive the corresponding badges upon successful completion of the Certification Process. 

To apply for 'Travel for LiFE' certification, clickhere